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Mentoring Workshop

A recent survey of Fortune 500 companies reported that 96 percent stated that mentoring is critical to their organization’s future. Develop a world-class coaching and mentoring program now to ensure success with your next generation of leaders.


This easy-to-facilitate workshop puts you in charge of a powerful coaching & mentoring system for your emerging leaders. Our Mentoring Program provides you with a systematic process for developing your future leaders, developing knowledge management practices, increasing trust in your leaders, and developing a structured succession plan.

Participants will practice the six most critical mentoring competencies with a variety of skill-building exercises and more than 90 minutes of video footage. Having a cadre of capable mentors has never been more important, and we’re making it fun and easy for you.

  • Become an “instant expert trainer” on the HOT topic of Mentoring.
  • Facilitate the critical process of matching mentors to the appropriate mentees.
  • Teach emerging leaders how to build trust, advise, and motivate effectively.
  • Provide more than just training—provide measurable results. Guaranteed!