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Dealing with Conflict Workshop

Over 65% of all Productivity Loss Is Directly Attributable To Interpersonal Conflict!

According to the Washington Business Journal, “Managers spend 25 to 40 percent of their time dealing with interpersonal conflict.” Whether you are a manager or a trainer, nothing is more important to the organization than your efforts to increase productivity and performance. The Dealing with Conflict workshop can help increase productivity by dealing with the root cause of most productivity loss.


Conflict is everywhere in your organization and it is sapping your company’s productivity. The Dealing with Conflict workshop can help you decrease conflict and increase performance.

The Dealing with Conflict workshop uses experiential learning and practice to teach managers and supervisors how to efficiently resolve conflict—the single most time consuming and debilitating cause of productivity losses in organizations. With the Dealing with Conflict workshop, you will enable managers to:

  • Learn to work collaboratively to solve conflict issues in ways that recognize the interests of all proponents while keeping the focus on performance.
  • Learn how and when to use one of five conflict resolution strategies, including compete, compromise, accommodate, collaborate, and avoid.