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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How can I learn more about the content of any of these specific workshops?

A. You can review samples from any Facilitator's Guide by completing the request form on each workshops main page.  Additionally, you can schedule an appointment with a qualified product expert to answer any questions or take you through a demo of any of our products. Call 800-822-2801

Q. What are the copyright limitations on these workshops?

A. Your rights at your corporate location are virtually unlimited as long as you are using the material for internal training purposes. You can customize, rename, make any changes you wish and reproduce unlimited copies of your training documents. You cannot sell, give away or provide access to the material to others outside your organization. You cannot remove the HRD Press name from the document or the copyright and you are limited to a single corporate location. However we do multi-site licensing and will flexibly meet your needs with a fair solution. All resources in the workshops are included in the license except the online or paper/pencil assessment, which must be purchased separately in the quantities you require.

Q. Does your 90-Day, No Invoice Unless Satisfied Guarantee, apply to purchases of 50 assessments as well?

A. Yes it does. Since a purchase of 50 assessments includes a free live mini certification, we’re confident you will be satisfied with the results.

Q. Why does your satisfaction guarantee expire at 90 days?

A. We feel that 90 days is more than ample time to assess our workshops and assessments and is three times as long as most of our competitors. If you feel that you need longer to assess the quality of our products, just contact us prior to the end of the 90 days and we will try to accommodate your request.

Q. What is the purpose of the pre-training job aids and internal marketing material that come with the workshops?

A. It’s our business to listen to trainers and incorporate solutions to their problems in our products. What we have heard over and over again is that the key challenge for training is bridging the gap between the hard business results participants are responsible for and what the training proposes to teach. It’s not enough anymore to just know the results are there. Trainers have to become marketers and promoters of their process. These job aids are simple exercises that get participants thinking about the very real linkages between the skills they will soon be learning and what they are doing in their jobs. These pre-training aids engage the learners “Before the Training” so participants buy-in. This makes the trainer’s job much easier and more importantly virtually guarantees that training outcomes will be positive.

Q. What is a Free Online Workshop Certification?

A. A training professional skilled in the use of the assessment will walk you through your results to demonstrate to you how to do this for others. Part of what is covered in material in the assessment facilitator’s guide so this certification is really a train-the-trainer. They’re simple and fast, generally only taking about 45 minutes via webinar presentation. To schedule your certification just call Meg at 800-822-2801 x138 or email meg@hrdpress.com

Q. Can I get a sample assessment to review before I purchase?

A. Yes, just email us your request for a specific online assessment at customerservice@trainingsolutions.com.

Q. If we use online assessments with these workshops, does HRD Press administer the assessments?

A. We set up a unique company account for your internal administrator(s). All they need to administer online assessments is a login link, a user name, and password. There are job aids on your Assessment Center Homepage that explain the simple steps necessary to invite participants to complete an online assessment and print reports. For an additional fee we can take over your administration. Just contact one of our sales associates to discuss your needs.

Q. Can the online assessment administrator control who produces reports or sees results?

A. Yes, your administrator can enable participants to produce their own reports instantly or reports can be produced at a later time centrally.

Q. I see your workshops are organized in 3 levels. Does this mean we have to complete training in one level before progressing to the next?

A. No, while we recommend that organizations progress through the levels in the recommended order, training at one level is not a prerequisite for training at the next level. We understand and expect that organizations will have differing needs and will plug in one or more of these workshops where they have a results priority.

Q. Do all these workshops use the same instructional design format?

A. There is no one instructional system design methodology that works best for all training topics. We have contracted with industry experts on particular topics to bring the best courses and methodology to our customers and that involves different ISD methods for different topics. However we work with our authors to minimize these differences and to ensure the ISD used is right for the content. Any professional trainer will have no trouble working with these materials to deliver classroom training.


Q. How do I inquire for a quote on training delivery services for one or more workshops?

A. It’s easy. Call 800-822-2801 A staff person will ask you a few brief questions to obtain some broad parameters on the scope of your training need and HRD Training Solutions will provide you a quote the same day. There’s no obligation and our training services guarantee is the best in the industry—If you’re not completely satisfied, there’s no invoice.

Q. Who is my best first point of contact for information of any kind on these workshops?

A. Meg Cooper. Call her at 800-822-2801 x138 or email her at meg@hrdpress.com

Q. Where do I find quantity discounts for the assessments?

A. When you add an assessment to the cart, you will see a quantity discount table next to the "add to Cart" button.

Q. Are there quantity discounts on the workshops? Is there a discount on the complete management training series?

A. Yes, we have generous discounts for multiple workshops or multiple sites with multiple workshops. HRD Press will always work with you to give you a fair price. For quantity pricing on workshops call 800-822-2801 or email customerservice@trainingsolutions.com


Q. How are workshop resources delivered?

A. We email you a link to download the workshop files. If you order online assessments we set you up an online account and show you how to administer assessments and produce reports. If you order paper/pencil assessments we can normally ship same day via UPS with 2nd day air and overnight services options.